Monday, July 8, 2013

Curse of the Arctic Star -- Review

I recently finished reading the Curse of the Arctic Star the first edition to the Nancy Drew Diaries series.  Please feel free to leave a comment of what you thought of the book.  I will be reviewing the second book soon, I just have to get my hands on it. Also, I just posted a few new boards on the forums check it out HERE!  Anywho, lets get into the review!

Plotline - : | : -
There is lots of excitement, including Nancy almost getting killed, and a nasty surprise in the desserts.  This is just the tip of the ice burg, in almost every chapter something exciting happens!
Lots of suspicions are being thrown around including something about an eight-year-old boy being the culprit!  I guess you'll have to find out if that suspicion is correct or not by buying the book on Amazon or the new edition to the Her Interactive website: Her Interactive

Nancy, George, Bess and Bess's newly acquired boyfriend Allen hop on a cruse because Nancy's old friend Becca -- an assistant on a new cruse liner called the Arctic Star -- Becca has been receiving threatening emails.  Soon after their arrival "accidents" and "pranks" have been accruing; but Nancy's not so sure that all that has been going on are just accidents or childish pranks, she thinks something more sinister is going on.  While Allen knows Nancy's hobby of sleuthing he is completely in the dark about the real reason why they are on the cruse, which is understandable because he is kind of a blabbermouth, and the girls don't want there cover to be blown.  Often times Nancy, George or Bess sends him to get a drink or run errands for them so they can discuss the case by them selves, and still Allen is in the dark about everything.

Characters - : | : -
Nancy Drew: Obviously Nancy is one of the main characters. (~_^)
George Fayne: A tomboy, and also very techie.
Bess Marvin:  Although George and she are cousins she acts nothing like George. She is girly and loves shopping.
Allen: (Someone help me with his last name) He is Bess's new boyfriend and basically bows at her feet, he does almost anything for her and her friends. He is also a life guard.
Fred: A mysterious man who seems to be lurking around the halls an awful lot. He also always wears a Hawaiian tee shirt.
Max: A butler who will do anything for Nancy and her friends sense they are staying in the suit he is assigned
Tobias: An eight-year-old kid who does not want to be on a cruse and has no hesitations to say so.
Lacy: A newlywed, on the cruse for her honeymoon.
Vince: Lacy's husband. He and his wife are both convinced the cruse is cursed.
The ABC's: Three older ladies who often cruse.
Wendy: A travel blogger who is always on her computer or digging up some dirt to write about.

Written - : | : -
This book is written in first person, supposed to be Nancy's diary.  It is actually fairly well written for first person.  I am not too into that, because lots of times it isn't written well; but this is actually better then I thought it would be.  I did feel that in some chapters it was dragged out and others were written as if the writer was on a page limit (which they probably somewhat were).  But over all it was written well, I am no critic and I couldn't write any better so: Bravo, writer! You did a good  job.

Overall - : | : -
This book was explained mostly, but the end was a bit rushed and it also didn't explain a few things saying something like "not every mystery was solved, but that's okay" Which from my point of view was totally not.  I am still yet to read the next book, so I don't know how that will be explained or if at all.  But over all, I give this book a 7.5/10. 


  1. I was wondering exactly how old Nancy's supposed to be in these stories. (I haven't read them yet, but I really want to.) Are they eighteen like in the original books? For some reason, I was under the impression that they were younger, but I suppose I should find out before I start ranting about Bess being too young for a boyfriend. :P

    1. I believe she is still 18, she obviously must be old enough to go on a cruse without her father with her.
      I can't remember if it said her age, I'll go see if I can find out!

  2. Treyyyyy! I check constantly for new posts! You gotta post soon! I <3 your blog!